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Spirulina is a pre-historic organism and has emerged as one of the most spectacular foods on earth because of its remarkable ability to convert sun energy into chlorophyll-rich protein.

How to use Spirulina Powder

Spirulina powder has a unique, salty taste. Blend into fresh juice or smoothies. It combines well with citrus fruits such as pineapple, orange, lemon as well as mint. Also sprinkle on salads and rice, or blend into salad dressing. You can also make spirulina dessert & chocolates! Start with 3g daily, (level teaspoon) and gradually build up to a recommended daily dose of 10g for overall health maintenance.

Direct Sourcing

Soaring Free Superfoods Spirulina is grown and processed under the strictest quality control standards and is certified organic, which means it’s guaranteed to be chemical-free and non-GMO.

Health Benefits

  • Faster recovery: An incredibly rich source of easily digestible protein
  • Stronger teeth & bones: 4 times more calcium than milk; 50 times more than spinach
  • Energising: Rich source of all the B-vitamins your body needs to move
  • Alkalising: Lowers the body’s pH levels for a more balanced system
  • Cleansing: Rich in chlorophyll for plant-based detoxing
  • Anti-inflammatory: High in gamma linolenic acid (GLA)
  • Weight loss: Natural appetite suppressant so you snack less
  • Highly nourishing: Packed with nutritional elements for holistic health
  • Boosts immunity: Rich phycocyanin for increased stem cell production


100% organic spirulina powder
Product of India

Disclaimer: Due to spirulina’s powerful immune boosting properties, it is recommended that anyone with an autoimmune condition should consult their doctor before taking it.

Zero Waste Shipping

Product will be shipped in an unbleached brown paper bag made from recycled paper. It is 100% biodegradable, compostable along with any food waste or recyclable as long as it has no residual food in it. Energy was still used to make the bag during manufacturing, therefore we’d like to encourage all customers to reuse their paper bags at least three times to reduce their carbon footprint. We pack each online order in a reused box which we collect from deliveries made to us by our suppliers or donated by friends and family.  We seal the boxes with 100% fully biodegradable packing tape.


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