Reusable Kitchen Roller Towels Mixed Prints Pack of 10



Msulwa Life’s reusable kitchen roller towels are a great paper replacement for cleaning up spills. If you’re trying to reduce your waste, you will love the idea of a reusable, versatile kitchen roll and won’t miss disposable paper towels at all! Make every spill a little bit brighter by getting a surprise each time you unroll a cute print from this surprise mix of 10. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom, baby’s room or as napkins during meals.

Paper towels are not not recyclable because they are usually made from recycled paper and are smeared with the food or grease that you are cleaning. Once soiled, the paper cannot be recycled because the paper fibers can’t be “cleaned” and separated from the oils during the pulping process. Food or oil contaminated paper is considered a contaminant and can damage sorting machines or even make an entire batch of recycling unusable, ending up in landfills. Paper towels should therefore be composted, but reusable kitchen roller towels are far better for the environment when compared to a product that requires trees and is intended to be thrown away just seconds after being used.

What to expect

Ten different fun patterns and colours are rolled onto a strong, custom-made cardboard core. Your reusable kitchen roller towels come with an extra core for you to start rolling the washed towels onto. Put them on your standard paper towel holder, they will stay put and you can keep cycling them round. They’re super relaxing to roll or fold…

Made from strong cotton material, these reusable kitchen roller towels can be rinsed by hand for another quick clean up or wash them with your washing, dry, and reuse. They are very easy to care for and add into your weekly cleaning routine.

They absorb really well, save trees and save you money considering you don’t have to buy paper towels so often. For some, these reusable kitchen roller towels might take a bit of getting used to, but soon the whole family will enjoy using them and love never having to buy disposable wood based products again. If you’re looking for more eco-friendly alternatives to paper towels, take a look at our hemp wash cloth here.




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