Recycled Bottles Bunny Backpack



Who knew recycled plastic bottles retrieved from our country’s bulging landfills could end up looking so cute!

Simple design bunny accented backpack made especially for kiddos who love all things bunny!  They will also make the cutest book bags once the Easter Egg hunts are done.  One main compartment in the middle, sealed with a magnetic clip under the bunny’s nose.  Made up completely of recycled plastic bottles.  Original design by Ecogemgem.

Contains no virgin plastic – only 100% recycled plastic bottles, salvaged straight out of South Africa’s landfills.  We believe giving these plastic bottles a new life and being able to engage in conversation with your child about refusing, reducing, reusing and recycling might get your child to talk to his or her friends and teachers at school about plastic pollution and influence them to start rethinking plastic too.

At the end of the bag’s life, it can be recycled again or you could assist your child with cutting it up and stuffing it into an ecobrick.

Width 22cm, length 30cm (give or take a cm as each is lovingly made to order here in South Africa and not in bulk).



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