Pura Toddler Sippy Bottle 325ml – 5 colours



The 325ml sippy bottle is the ideal transition for your toddler when he or she is ready move away from a nipple bottle. Like all products in the Kiki line, the toddler sippy bottle is 100% plastic-free so you can be sure you are getting the safest, BPA-free and toxin-free bottle on the market. One life… one bottle.

Pura’s patent pending XL Sipper vented soft spout is crafted from 100% medical-grade silicone so you can be sure that you are truly using a toxin-free feeding system. The sippy bottle features Pura’s patented stainless steel lid design that allows the bottle to be used with Pura’s silicone straw, flat cap, or Big Mouth® sport top. And, if your big boy or girl is likely to have a little brother or sister, the sippy can be seamlessly converted into an infant bottle by swapping the spout for one of our silicone Natural Vent Nipples™!

The sippy bottle is shatterproof, 100% toxin free, and Pura has the independent test reports to back it up! Includes a silicone travel cover.

This product has been screened and lab tested for known:

Behavioural toxins
Developmental toxins
Reproductive toxins
Endocrine disruptors
Fire retardants
Heavy metals
Toxic solvents
Harmful VOCs

This 100% plastic-free sport bottle is made with safe ingredients and is Nontoxic Certified. Insulated bottles are also available for purchase here. Have a look at Pura’s bottles for adults over here.


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Aqua, Aqua Swirl, Green, Orange, Pink Swirl, Slate


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