Pura Stainless Steel Sport Bottle 325ml – 2 colours


The 325ml PuraSport Jr. bottle is the ideal bottle for preschool to elementary school kids or even adults who prefer a smaller size bottle.  Pura’s 100% medical grade silicone Big Mouth® Sport top eliminates distracting drinking or lid removal noises of traditional bottles making them a teacher’s favorite!  True to their plastic-free mission, the PuraSport Jr. bottle is 100% plastic-free unlike other bottles that use plastic sport tops.  With Pura, you can be sure you are getting the safest, BPA/BPS-free and MadeSafe Certified bottle on the market.

Pura’s award winning 325ml PuraSport Jr. bottle is 100% plastic-free, environmentally progressive, and adapts to the needs of your growing child.  Both the bottle and collar are crafted from safe, high grade #304 stainless steel and their Big Mouth® sport top is made from medical grade silicone… so you can be sure that you are truly using a 100% MadeSafe Certified feeding system (BPA/BPS-free).

With Pura you can rest assured that you are always using the safest and most eco-progressive bottle on the market.

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Aqua Swirl, Orange Swirl


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