Plastic-free Vegan Dental Floss 30m

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Help save the planet one floss at a time! This vegan, beeswax free dental floss is plastic free, made sustainably and protects animals!

This plant-based dental floss is made from corn silk and is coated in candelilla wax. Flavoured with natural mint, this floss is a strong fibrous floss, is ‘grippy’ and is great for food traps.

Each different type of dental floss offers a slightly different experience. This natural webbed corn silk dental floss could feel a little tight gliding between your teeth if you have very close teeth, but you will get a great clean!

The floss is biodegradable in industrial compost or a home composting system. It can also be stuffed into an ecobrick. Comes in a beautiful glass bottle with metal lid. This container can and should have a second life. Please reuse or repurpose your empty bottle by using it for storing small trinkets like earrings, necklaces and paper clips.

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1 review for Plastic-free Vegan Dental Floss 30m

  1. Viola Hofmann

    I have been looking for an eco friendly floss for quite some time now and I am really happy with this one.
    It’s rather thick, which is fine for me though.
    It also has a nice fresh minty flavour and comes in a cute reusable glass container that can be repurposed when the floss is finished (probably going to use it for spices).

    • Shop Zero

      Dear Viola. Thank you so much for your positive feedback and for taking the time to post this review. Reusing it for spices is a great idea! 🙂

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