Plantable Easter Egg Seed Bombs Surprise



These plantable Easter Egg Seed Bombs are perfect for those looking to get the kids a healthier option of Easter eggs this year. The 100% plastic free packaging of these eggs is completely biodegradable, making this year’s Easter a lot more sustainable. These growing Easter eggs are so sweet when they start to grow, you will almost not want to put it in soil!

Comes in a coco fiber starter pot which you can plant the eggs in. The little pots retain moisture, drain well, and allow air to circulate. The plantable Easter eggs are handmade from previously used paper and contain mixed herbs and marigold seeds. Marigold seeds are great for attracting pollinators to your garden. When bees, butterflies and other small mammals help to carry pollen from plant to plant, these little heroes help sustain our ecosystems by helping plants reproduce.

How to plant

Soak eggs in water and put them inside the coco fiber pot. Keep wet above or below the soil until you see some sprouts. Cover with shallow soil and water everyday.

Why opt for plantable Easter eggs this year?

If purchasing traditional Easter eggs, chances are that the foil wouldn’t get recycled if it was in small balls, but if it was a fist-sized ball they wouldn’t get missed and would be recycled.  Unfortunately marshmallow egg wrappers and plastic Easter egg molds are not recyclable.

Many chocolate manufacturers do not create sustainable incomes for farmers and their families. The farmers who grow the cocoa in the chocolate eggs Britons enjoy each Easter, earn on average $1 per day. When choosing certified Fairtrade chocolate, you are supporting a drive for change.

Most traditional Easter eggs contain palm oil which lead to deforestation, as well as dairy and gelatin which contribute to climate change and animal abuse. Take a look at our blog post about the link between animal agriculture and climate change here.

What can I use for my little ones instead of Easter eggs?

Easter has a healthy, sugar free option this year and we hope that your children will enjoy these plantable Easter eggs. We also sell Cheaky Co’s Orbs. These are essentially vegan m*ltesers, made from dry-roasted chickpeas coated in a delicious single-origin 70% dark chocolate. Toddlers will especially love the Oat M*lk variant, while moms and dads will also love the Peppermint, Orange Dark Chocolate and the 70% Dark Chocolate flavours.

Be sure to also take a look at this delicious plant-based peanut butter and choc Easter eggs recipe. They only take 20 minutes to make and making them is a wonderful sensory experience for little ones. We also love some of these eco-friendly Easter egg ideas.




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