Plant-based Dental Floss Refill Pack



Keep your pearly whites clean and your breath minty fresh with this sustainable plant-based dental floss. This plastic-free floss is made from corn starch-based PLA, candelilla wax and mint essential oil. Cruelty-free and vegan friendly this floss does not contain any animal products typically found in floss, namely silk from silkworms or beeswax.

Each refill pack contains two x 30m plant-based mint refills.

How to use

Refill your glass jar with this floss refill then simply pull the desired amount of floss from your jar and tear off using the tab on the lid.

End of lifespan

This floss is home compostable or otherwise easy to stuff into an ecobrick. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a better alternative than petroleum-based plastics, but will still take a very long time to biodegrade in a landfill with tightly packed waste with no light and little oxygen to assist in the composting process. Therefore we’d like to encourage all customers to ‘ecobrick’ your floss if you’re not composting at home yet.

Looking for a home composting solution? Take a look at our Bokashi bin here.



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