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Outcast Foods created this plant-based burger mix with activated chickpeas, lentils, buckwheat, herbs and spices. It contains no gluten or fillers. Amazing taste and great value! 230g dry weight makes 4 burgers with 120g cooked weight.

What does activated chickpeas mean? Outcast Foods activates all their legumes and pulses by soaking them for at least five hours before boiling them to reduce phytates. Activated pulses also increases nutrient absorption. All Outcast Foods pre-mixes do not contain any fillers or binders – only real food.

Make your own, healthy burger patties that are delicious between a bun or a lettuce wrap. This burger mix can also be minced up and used as a great substitute in a veggie bolognese or even to create a great plant-based cottage pie (see recipe link below).

Produced in South Africa. Be sure to also take a look at Outcast Whole Foods Flapjacks Mix also available for purchase.

Instructions (two large burgers)

  • Mix 115g of dry mix with 180ml boiling water and 1 tsp oil.
  • Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes covered.
  • Wet hands and form into two large  patties or four smaller ones, approximately 1.5 cm thick.
  • Heat pan to medium heat and add a splash of oil.
  • Shallow fry  for  approximately 3 minutes on each side or till crispy brown.
  • If it’s charring turn more often. If it’s not going crispy brown, turn up the heat for the last minute.

Pro Tips

  • To get a firmer burger,  let the mix sit in the fridge for a while longer.
  • These burgers hold together really well, so you can add some grated veg to customise the taste and texture.
  • Pre-cook for 2 mins each side, then throw on the braai with some basting for a real treat.

Alternative Uses

  • If using the burger mix as a mince substitute in a bolognese sauce or cottage pie, prep the burgers the same way as above. But as you’re frying them, start to break them up a bit and throw into a fresh sauce for a meaty, chunky taste. Take a look at this recipe to make your own dreamy, creamy plant-based cottage pie.


Lentils, chickpeas, buckwheat, onion, carrot, beetroot, sunflower seeds, tomato, paprika, kalahari desert salt, cumin, coriander, mustard, oregano, thyme, black pepper

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Once opened, keep in an airtight container.


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