Organic Bamboo and Cotton Ear Buds

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This pack of 100 ear buds made from organic bamboo and cotton is an easy, eco-friendly swap so you can reduce your plastic footprint. 100% biodegradable they are a must-have in every plastic-free bathroom!

Soft, sturdy and easy to use. If used for ear swabbing do not insert ear bud into ear canal to avoid cotton swab-related ear injuries. Use to clean the outer surface of your ear.

End of lifespan

Compostable and biodegradable, pop the ear buds in your compost or worm farm after use. Reuse or compost the container.

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1 review for Organic Bamboo and Cotton Ear Buds

  1. Amy DuBois

    Great way to reduce the amount of trash you are putting into the environment. These are high quality and work as well as the plastic options.

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