Oh Oat Oat M*lk in Glass Bottle (Cape Town Only*)

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Why choose to consume plant-based drinks? To help make our planet a better place! This sustainable and ethical oat m*lk is made without cruelty to help you (and us) become kinder stewards of our beautiful planet and its inhabitants. Grab a bottle of Oh Oat and rest easy knowing that no animals were harmed in the process.

While their m*lk is “oat of this world”, their factory is not. This delicious plant-based milk alternative is produced in small batches in Woodstock, Cape Town. If you’re passionate about plant-based food, plastic-free packaging and local production you will love this “oatsome” m*lk. It does not contain any gums, additives or preservatives and contains just five ingredients: oats (18%), water, salt, calcium carbonate & sunflower oil. Less ingredients means less production and processes, all of which contribute to a higher carbon footprint.

We love the ethos behind what Oh Oat does, how they’re trying to kickstart the circular economy in South Africa, and that you can get your hands on a fresh (glass) bottle of oat m*lk! Reuse, recollection and reimagination are the key to a more sustainable future.

This oat m*lk complements your coffee and steams into silky smooth perfection. You can also bake with it and cook with it, knowing that you’re part of a community built around kindness towards animals, each other and the planet.

Returnable bottle deposit

The price of this oat m*lk bottle includes a R10 bottle deposit. Keep your rinsed bottle safe, bring it back to us (or any other retailer who sells Oh Oat) and we will refund you/ credit your next purchase when bottles are returned to us. Take a look at Oh Oat’s store finder here to see where you can return your glass bottle at any of these locations.


Oh Oat reuses 750ml glass bottles. Return your glass bottle at any of these locations to get a refund and for the bottle to be refilled by Oh Oat again. Zero waste! We love it!

The caps, made from aluminum are widely recycled and leave no negative trace on our beautiful planet. Oh Oat’s paper wrap is made from FSC approved, uncoated paper which is completely recyclable and sourced from sustainable forests. The paper wrap isn’t physically attached to the bottles, making it easy to remove so that the bottles can be reused as quickly as possible. Purchase your oat m*lk bottle wrapped or unwrapped.

How are the new 750ml bottles better for the planet?

For starters, they’re more hardy than the previously used wine bottles, meaning less breakages will occur. They also lower Oh Oat’s carbon footprint per delivery as they take up less space in their delivery van and allow Oh Oat to deliver less frequently thanks to their longer shelf-life. The longer shelf life also means you can order less frequently and/or make sure you never run out of m*lk.

Frequent online purchases also produce a lot of pollution and higher greenhouse gas emissions per item, so make shopping online more eco-friendly by filling your cart to the top to make a single bulk purchase each time you place an order online.

The new bottles also help Oh Oat save water – it takes half the amount of water to soak, clean, and sterilize the new bottles compared to the old ones. Want to read more about why Oh Oat decided to change their oat m*lk bottles? Find out here.

Important shipping information

Please note that we only deliver this product in Cape Town* so your oat m*lk bottle comes to room temperature only for a short while during transit. Please check if we deliver to you by taking a look at our ‘Local’ Cape Town delivery areas here. If you reside in our ‘Greater Cape Town’ areas, you’re welcome to order online, and collect from our store in Observatory. (Please select ‘Click and Collect’ during checkout.) Alternatively, come pay us a visit and purchase Oh Oat in-store at 224 Lower Main Road, Observatory.

Fridge life

Oh Oat’s new 750ml bottles extend the shelf-life of their m*lk to a full 30-days from production. How is that possible? The thicker glass is a better bacteria barrier compared to their previous reused wine bottles Oh Oat used, and the lid creates a vacuum seal ensuring no bacteria can creep in.


Oats (18%), water, salt, calcium carbonate, sunflower oil


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1 review for Oh Oat Oat M*lk in Glass Bottle (Cape Town Only*)

  1. Peter

    Bought Oh Oat from the Shop Zero store in Observatory. And I would definitely recommend Oh Oat, by far the best oat milk i have ever tried and love how they package in galss. Now I can enjoy my Oh Oat smoothie bowls in my new coconut bowls from shop zero.

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