Mylk Tart Vegan Protein Porridge



Craving that good old fashioned milk tart taste without the animal products?  Say hello to Shop Zero’s vegan milk tart option by Macro Mixes.  This Mylk Tart Vegan Protein Porridge boasts that signature milk tart taste that is not only deliciously creamy, but also spiced with the perfect amount of cinnamon.  This porridge has the added bonus of a high-nutrient, protein dense component – so not only is it tasty, but good for you too.  If you are looking for other delicious and nutritious breakfast ideas, try our Outcast Whole Foods Flapjacks or our delicious granola from Nourish’d Café. You’ll also love drizzling your flapjacks or pancakes with the Macro Mixes Vegan Brownie Butter Drizzle!

Can be enjoyed as breakfast or and ‘anytime treat’ that delivers a balanced, nutritional meal, absolutely guilt-free.

Key features of this Mylk Tart Vegan Protein Porridge

Satisfying, smooth and creamy
Quick and easy to prepare
Sugar free, grain free and gluten free
Good for the gut
Low in calories and high in protein


Buckwheat Flour, Pea Protein Isolate (21%), Xylitol, Coconut Flour, Sunflower Seeds, Erythritol, Golden Flaxseeds, Psyllium Husk, Cinnamon, Salt, Xantham Gum and Steviol Glycosides


Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs. DO NOT FEED TO PETS!

How to prepare

Place 3 tablespoons (40g) of Mylk Tart Vegan Protein Porridge in a bowl.
Add 80ml (or more) of your favourite hot or cold plant milk until you get the desired consistency. Try our Oatify oat milk here.
Delicious as is, but you can also add more sweetener, date syrup, berries or nut butter to give it some extra flavour.

Plastic Free Shipping

Product will be shipped in an unbleached brown paper bag made from recycled paper.  It is 100% biodegradable, compostable along with any food waste or recyclable as long as it has no residual food in it.  Energy was still used to make the bag during manufacturing, therefore we’d like to encourage all customers to reuse their paper bags at least three times to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our boxes aren’t pretty, but we’re trying to save trees. We pack each online order in a reused box which we collect from deliveries made to us by our suppliers or donated by friends and family.  We seal the boxes with 100% fully biodegradable, non-reinforced paper tape.

Cape Town Only Package Free Shipping Option

If you live in the Cape Town area this product can also be ordered with reusable and returnable packaging.  Read more about our container deposit system here.


Additional information


100g, 200g, 100g (excl. deposit), 100g (incl. deposit), 200g (excl. deposit), 200g (incl. deposit)


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