Merula Cup XL – Strawberry


Changing unsustainable tampons or pads every hour is now a thing of the past! Now you can sleep easy, even on the heaviest days, because your disposable period products will not end up in landfill anymore!

The Merula Cup XL will greatly benefit someone with heavy menstrual cycles due to its large capacity of 50 ml. Made for medium to high cervix heights, pelvic muscle conditions of all types, and in case of intense, heavy bleeding.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, it is made from high-quality medical grade silicone. The two-rung stem is adaptable and can therefore be shortened to ensure an individual, optimally comfortable length.

This vibrant pink “strawberry” cup comes with a cute pouch and will last up to 10 years, saving you so much frustration, pain and money.

Not suitable for particularly deep-seated portio or if you feel your vagina is exceptionally “tight.”

Diameter of the rim (outside): 46mm
Total length from 1st stroke: 72mm
Total length from 2nd stroke: 61mm
Total length just cup: 50mm
Capacity to the top edge: 50ml


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