Menstrual Sponges 2-pack (2 different size options)



Menstrual sponges are an eco-friendly, natural and affordable alternative to traditional tampons.  Many of our Shop Zero™ customers are not able to use menstrual cups so these sponges can be used as a pain-free and comfortable alternative.  Menstrual sponges are in actual fact sea sponges which have been used by women dating back to Cleopatra’s time.  These sea sponges are sustainably harvested and produced without any industrial processes.  Harvesting them does not hurt the sponge or the ocean. Due to these creatures not having a nervous system, organs or brains, they do not feel any pain. Sea sponges also have the amazing ability to regrow from tiny fragments left behind after the harvest. Similar to pruning a tree, the sponges grow back stronger than before.

Key features of menstrual sponges

Soft and gentle to use.
A great solution for women with endometriosis.
Do not dry out and irritate the vagina.
Affordable and can be reused for 3 – 6 menstrual cycles.
Easy to clean and maintain.
Easy to dispose at the end of their life cycle.
100% biodegradable.

Cleaning and other important information

Like tampons, sea sponges are not sterile. They are a natural, raw product and you will need to ensure they’ve been properly cleaned and sanitized. Before first use, check your sponges as you may find small pieces of coral or shell in them. Wet the sponge and do a pinch check to check for any sea debris. Should you find anything hard or sharp, remove it by using tweezers or needle nose pliers. Now keep a bright light directly behind the sponge. Holding your wet sponge up in front of the light makes it easier to see through the sponge and double-check that you did not miss any particles of coral or shell. Should it have any torn pieces from the pliers picking away at it, trim around the perimeter. A smooth sponge is more comfortable to use and keeping it smooth, will also make it last longer.

Next, disinfect and clean your sponges by soaking in a cup of warm water and 4 – 6 drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil for 10 minutes. You may also use a cup of water with either a cup of white vinegar or 1 teaspoon baking soda. Rinse thoroughly. Should you wish to boil your sponge, do so before soaking. Do not boil for more than 2 minutes as this may harden the sponge. Hang to dry in a mesh bag.

During your menstrual cycle simply rinse in warm water after each visit to the bathroom, or when it is full. Squeeze out the excess water and re-insert. Between menstrual cycles gently disinfect by soaking in a cup of warm water with a cup of white vinegar. You may also add 4-6 drops tea tree essential oil to a cup of warm water. Do NOT use harsh soaps or detergents. After soaking in your choice of cleaning solution, rinse well. Dry completely before storing in a cotton drawstring bag.

To insert

Wet your menstrual sponge with warm water and squeeze out excess water until it is nice and soft.  Insert the sponge like a tampon until it feels secure.  Feel free to trim the outsides of the sponge for an even more comfortable fit.

To remove

Simply tug gently at the bottom of the sponge until you can firmly pull it out.  Sponges can tear so use gentle movements when doing this. If you wish, you may tie a piece of cotton string or plastic-free waxed dental floss around your sponge to aid removal, however this is not necessary.

Health and safety

It is recommended that you rinse your sponge at least every 4 hours. Menstrual sea sponges are natural, do not dry and abrade the vagina and therefore are far more unlikely to cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). It is however important to be aware of the symptoms of TSS. If you should have any vaginal infection or venereal disease, please consult with your healthcare professional before using.  We also suggest giving this informative blog post a read.


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