Masterstock Cape Blossoms 50ml


Masterstock Cape Wild Food holds the essence of wild refined food in a bottle of convenient versatile flavour.  Their selectively sourced wild and biodynamic green vegetables and cape herbs from heirloom origins are grown and hand harvested in the pristine fertile soils of the Cape.  Ingredients are roasted and slow cured to form flavourful and nutrient rich master blends available in biodynamic plant powders, stocks, salts, green flakes and edible blossoms.

Masterstock fosters and supports our natural and cultural heritage by encouraging  food growing in nature that then results in the production of high quality, great tasting, nutritious foods and seeds. Their aim is to educate and enable society to restore our traditional heritage to nutritious food, vitality, health of self and earth.

Masterstock Cape Wild Food | Cape Blossoms 50ml
A beautiful, delicious and nutrient-rich mix of hand harvested and slow dried cape blossoms.  Sprinkle generously and creatively on top of soups, salads, bakes, and smoothies.

Wild rose, wild mallow, nasturtium bougainvillea and fynbos

How to use
Sprinkle on cold or hot food.  Most beneficial served on WARM dishes.  (Masterstock blends are not cooking herbs and therefore not recommended for high temperatures, i.e. continuous cooking, baking or frying.)


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