Lunette Reusable Menstrual Cup Large – Clear



This menstrual cup gives you a comfortable, safe, odourless and eco-friendly period for up to 12 hours a day. Because it’s reusable for many years, this cup basically pays for itself after a few months, while you’re helping to save the planet! By using your menstrual cup for five years, you will have avoided 1200 pads or tampons from landfill sites or our oceans. Not to mention the animal testing you wouldn’t have supported by using tampons.

#PERIODPOWER – We love Lunette’s period positive attitude. Let’s break the bloody taboo! Periods are Cool. Period.

You will love getting to know your body better by using this genius, superior menstrual cup. This medical grade silicone cup stays in place and with its comfortable rim it is easy to insert. The large air holes make removing simple and the ridges also allow for easy grip and secure removal. The cup is super easy to clean.

Some ladies become a period ninja in no time, for others there might be a learning curve when it comes to the first few cycles. Not to worry, once you get the hang of it, you’ll never turn back and you’ll advocate to all your friends how it’s the best thing ever and they should get their own cup asap! See tips for first time menstrual cup insertion here.

The Lunette Cup is chemical free with a 100% clean track record. The dyes used are FDA approved for medical and food use. The colours don’t contain heavy metals (e.g. lead, chromium VI, cadmium, mercury) or phthalates. The dye used is trapped inside the silicone so that it’s not possible for the colour to leach into the vaginal environment as do some cheaper dyes which are used in other menstrual cups.

Features of the Lunette Cup

  • The stem on the cup is completely flat, flexible, and thin which makes it more comfortable to wear. A solid, flat, stem allows no room for bacterial to breed.
  • The inside surface is completely smooth without any writing or marks, allowing for easier cleaning, and is hostile to bacteria.
  • The cup has a soft base which makes it easier to ‘pinch and release’ the vacuum seal when removing the cup. It also has convenient ridges that assist with easy removal.
  • The rim design makes it easier to insert, as the rim of the Lunette cup is smooth and small.
  • The Lunette form is slightly shorter yet designed to maximize capacity.
  • The measurement lines assist in understanding your menstrual cycle. By monitoring your flow you are able to predict your heavy and light days.

Sizing and Consistency

Lunette cups come in two different consistencies:   Firm and soft. Model 2 is firm and easily pops open during insertion. While the smaller Model 1 opens easily, its consistency is different:  It was designed to be softer and squishier.  This is a benefit for younger users to make insertion easier. It also is more comfortable for women with lower cervixes or who have sensitive bladders.

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