Loop Bamboo Phone Case (for iPhone 6/7/8 or 11)



The Loop Case is a zero-waste, compostable phone case for a plastic-free world.  It is Africa’s first truly sustainable phone case.

Slim fit and light in design, this beautifully crafted case complements the aesthetics of your mobile device.  It is also durable enough to protect your phone from drops and scratches.  The best part is that it is made from plants.

Material and lifespan
It’s a 100% compostable phone case made from 100% renewable materials.  The cases are primarily made from PLA, a plant-derived plastic alternative made from corn-starch and bamboo fiber.  Other materials include cellulose and calcium carbonate.  These cases do not contain BPA, lead, cadmium or phthalates making them ‘family-safe’, unlike other traditional plastic cases on the market.

Not made to last forever but it is made to last the lifetime of your phone which is generally 2 years.

Wear and tear
Loop Case is made to protect your phone for as long as you need it AND formulated to break down ONLY in a composting environment.  Your case may change texture over time which is normal but it will not fall apart or biodegrade unless it is in a composting environment.  We don’t recommend prolonged moisture as a general maintenance suggestion, but if your case gets wet, you can just wipe it dry and it will not harm the case.

Loop Case is a durable, shock-absorbing case that allows your phone to bounce when dropped.  Because no official tests have been done, it cannot be certified as an impact case but it does provide protection from wear and tear as well as small drops and fumbles.

Loop Cases are designed for a slim fit – a sleek look that adds almost zero extra bulk to your phone.  The cases are around 2mm in thickness which and as an added benefit, also allows them to work with wireless charging stations!  These cases can be described as smooth but grippy with a light texturing caused by the bamboo fiber.  It will slide in and out of your pocket but not in and out of
your hands.

Live consciously.  Live sustainable.  Live well.

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iPhone 11, iPhone 6/7/8


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