Lizzy Sourdough Starter Culture – 7g sachet



A starter is a wild yeast culture made of organic flour and filtered water. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and you use it instead of yeast to leaven (make air bubbles) in your baked goods.  Store bought (dry active) yeast is a singular strain, manufactured to save time and increase productivity, but has unfortunately lost all beneficial qualities.

A wild yeast consist of several strains of lactobacilli which convert the protein, gluten, into lactic acid in the fermentation process, in fact it pre-digests the gluten which makes the bread easier to eat.  Apart from having several health advantages, sourdough is also absolutely delicious!

This starter is in dried form, and full instructions are included on how to rehydrate it, look after it, and you can start using it after a few days.  There is just over 7 grams of starter in the packet, and you need about half of that to make the first batch.  Provided you follow instructions and feed it, you will have it forever and can share it with your friends.  We’ve heard of starters that have been going for over 150 years!

With this starter you can bake bread, ciabatta’s, pizza’s, waffles, cakes etc, and you can use any type of flour, white, brown, rye, spelt, you name it.  We recommend rye flour to feed the starter but you can also convert it to white bread flour or whole wheat.  When you bake with it, you can’t taste the rye if you use another type of flour.

The shelf life of the starter is approximately 2 years in this dried form.

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