Large Vegan Loofah Sponge



This loofah sponge comes from a vining plant in the gourd family. Wet your loofah sponge with warm water to soften it, add a little bit of soap or the natural cleaning product of your choice, and exfoliate or scrub away, using small, circular motions. Or use it in the kitchen to scrub dishes, glasses and even baby bottles. It is completely natural and plastic-free and works wonderfully with our Better Earth Dishwashing Liquid.

If you’d like to use it for exfoliating, we recommend cutting it in half as they soften over time. This large natural loofah can be cut up into four to five pieces, making it great for using one loofah in the bathroom and kitchen! If you’d like to try out a smaller one first, we also have those available for purchase here and if you’d like to grow your own sponge, take a look at this cute loofah seeds pack.

Please note, because a loofah is a natural plant material, the colour and shape may vary. Product images are for illustrative purposes only.

End of lifespan

Clean it and toss it into your DIY compost pile when it’s worn out.



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