Juicebox Apple 330ml



From Farm to bottle. Back to basics. Juicebox bursts with flavours, fresh as if you pressed it yourself (but with a lot less effort). 100% free of preservatives, colourants, additives and artificial flavourings. This old school cloudy apple juice is a combination of sun-ripened Golden Delicious and Granny Smith from the fertile Elgin Valley just outside of Cape Town. Rich, cloudy, crisp and refreshing. Sweetness with a tangy touch for the real taste.

From fruit to press to bottle – Juicebox’s locally sourced fruits get pressed directly on the farm and are hand-bottled in small batches in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Please note certain variations in taste and flavour have to be accepted with Juicebox’s directly extracted juices as nature does not obey humanity’s artificially created standards. We are quite happy with that as we think it’s the original, fruit-specific taste that makes all the difference anyway.



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