Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle – 750ml



Refilling a reusable water bottle is an easy way to help the environment. Create a greener world each time you refuse single-use plastic bottles and take care of your own health at the same time. Plastic bottles leach chemicals into water, especially water that has been stored in plastic bottles for a long period of time, older water bottles and plastic bottles that were exposed to heat.

Don’t risk ingesting toxins. Opt for a reusable bottle like this 750ml Natural Life double-walled and vacuum sealed stainless steel bottle. It’s perfect for going on hikes as it keeps liquids cold for over 8 hours. It’s also great for camping or taking along to school or work, as it keeps your drinks hot for over 4 hours.

This bottle has a width of 8cm and height of 25.5cm. It has a wide lid for easy cleaning. Natural Life’s bamboo and coconut bottle brush as well as this natural cleaning bottle brush clean the bottle beautifully. They’re also 100% plastic-free so no plastic bristles go down the drain when using them.


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