Hemp Kitchen Scrubbie

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When plastic sponges begin to fall apart, little bits of them go down the drain and end up in the ocean. This hemp kitchen scourer is a great eco-friendly alternative to synthetic kitchen sponges. It is all natural and no petroleum based products were used to make this kitchen scrubbie. Handmade in Cape Town, it makes washing up a little bit easier and much more friendly to the environment.

This kitchen scrubbie will outlast packs and packs of disposable sponges or scourers and will also look great on your sink! Compost it once it has run its course.

Care instructions

Stains can be rubbed off with our natural laundry soap bar. Prolong the life of the fabric, by washing your kitchen scrubbie by hand or popping it into a mesh bag, in a gentle washing machine cycle. This way they also won’t mysteriously disappear in your washing machine. See more great wash and dry instructions here to avoid common mistakes that could damage your hemp scrubbie. Looking for an all-natural detergent? Buy our laundry powder here and grab some natural oxygen bleach for laundry and household cleaning here.

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1 review for Hemp Kitchen Scrubbie

  1. Sam

    Love my kitchen scrubbie! I have used mine numerous times and it’s still looks new. Great alternative to those horrid dish scrubs from the stores.

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