#GroPro Water Saving Vertical Garden and Worm Farm


Born out of the Cape Town drought, the #GroPro Worm Farm Vertical Garden is extremely water-efficient. With 25 pockets and planting space on top, the #GroPro utilises anywhere between 3-5 litres of water for 28 plants per watering. This is extremely difficult to beat. Place scraps from the kitchen into the inner cylinder to keep your red wriggler worms fed. Worm castings/ worm excrement will slowly build up and is extremely nutrient rich.

Each time you water, these nutrients will escape with the water and leave via the drainage holes at the base of your #GroPro. Collect, reuse and watch your plants flourish! With minimal maintenance and weeding the GroPro makes a stunning addition to any modern space with enough light to support it.

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