Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrap (Set of 2)



Did you know that most wrapping paper is not recyclable? How about trying Furoshiki this holiday season instead. Furoshiki is the art of Japanese fabric wrapping and we love it! This beautiful Japanese tradition could help the world eliminate some of the waste that has long accompanied Christmas. Wrapping your gifts in fabric is not only eco-friendly, but also gorgeous and elegant. Impress your loved ones with gorgeously wrapped gifts where the fabric also becomes part of the gift! Furoshiki is super easy to master and you’ll have so much fun adding your special touches.

These beautiful Furoshiki gift wraps are made in Cape Town. The ‘Standard’ sets are made from perfectly useful textiles that were landfill bound. The best part of using these repurposed gift wraps is that your friend can reuse them again. If not being used to wrap another gift, your friend can reuse her fabric wraps by tying it into her hair for a fresh feminine touch, wrap it around her neck and use as a fashionable scarf or tie it around her bag strap to add a pop of colour and a bit of sass.

Sold in sets of two, available in either 60 x 60cm or 30 x 30cm in size. Choose from the following colours:

Luxury Pink Floral
Luxury Beige Floral
Luxury Blue Floral
Luxury Green Floral
Luxury Grey Floral
Standard Grey
Standard Sand

How to use

With Furoshiki, you wrap your gifts just as you would with wrapping paper, only without the tape and the waste. Grab some decorative elements to match, fold the fabric and tie it artfully. Instructions are included, but we also love this video by the amazing Marie Kondo. This ring-shaped knot tutorial is also stunning for lovingly wrapping a gift.

We love using fresh lavender, a Eucalyptus twig, our seeded tags or even one of our Palo Santo sticks to transform the art of your gift-giving. You can also make your own instant Furoshiki carry-bag. Take a look at this tutorial here.

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Additional information

Design and Size

Luxury Pink Floral 60 x 60cm, Luxury Pink Floral 30 x 30cm, Luxury Beige Floral 60 x 60cm, Luxury Blue Floral 60 x 60cm, Luxury Green Floral 30 x 30cm, Luxury Grey Floral 30 x 30cm, Standard Grey 60 x 60cm, Standard Sand 30 x 30cm


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