Festive Season Soy Candle Gift Pack


A beautiful pack of 3 x 55ml festive season soy candles each offering 15 hours of quality burn time and can also be used as a nourishing soy candle body and aromatherapy experience. These versatile eco soy candles create a consistently beautiful ambience when burning.

SoyLites takes pride in using only the highest-grade raw materials, ensuring a delightful and consistent scent dispersion from the first light to the last flicker. Their original essential oil blends, crafted with expertise, cater to various scent preferences, promoting physiological ease through the wonders of aromatherapy. Have a look at their beautiful ‘Women Light the Way’ gift pack here as well as their 220ml or 70ml tumbler range here.

Experience a sensory journey like no other as theur top-quality soy wax harmonizes with pure oils. SoyLites candles are a testament to their commitment to purity. Using no synthetic ingredients, paraffin wax, or hidden chemicals so you can enjoy an even burn without smoke plumes or soot. Only a clean, environment-friendly glow that lasts!

Discover the true value of non-toxic candles that burn down completely, leaving no waste behind. Immerse yourself in the mood-enhancing, soul-soothing candlelight of SoyLites – where craftsmanship and nature unite for an olfactory pleasure like never before. Order now, experience the magic and elevate your festive season with the enchanting glow of SoyLites candles.

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Holiday Harmony Collection (red, white and blue-themed), Joyful Fusion Trio (white, red and green)


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