Fauxmage Vegan Camembert 130g (Cape Town Only*)



Need vegan cheese? Fauxmage’s dairy-free cheeses are cashew-based, providing a wholesome foundation of creamy goodness that’s guaranteed to thrill everyone’s taste buds.  All ingredients are natural and healthy.  They don’t use preservatives (aside from Himalayan salt) in any of their products, and this vegan Camembert’s outer packaging is made from sustainably sourced paper, so you can enjoy Fauxmage knowing you’re being kind to your body, the animals as well as the planet.

Camembert is a kind of rich, soft, creamy cheese with a whitish rind. You can freeze your Fauxmage for ages and it will still taste as lekker as the day you got it! This gorgeous 130g cheese has a delectable taste and is the most delicious soft cheese (vegan or dairy) you’ll ever have. Want to fool skeptical non-vegans? They will love this vegan cheese! Be sure to also take a look-see at Fauxmage’s delicious Chèvre logs. Why ditch dairy? Please read here to learn more about dairy (and meat) cattle contributing to climate change.

Key features

Handcrafted, artisan, plant-based cheese


Cashews, Cultures and Himalayan Salt


Please note that this 130g cheese is wrapped in a laminated alufoil wrapper with a layer each of paper, parrafin wax and polythelene (plastic) to safeguard against mold and spoilage and to reduce food waste. The outer paper packaging is recyclable, but the inner alufoil wrapper is not. Please rinse the alufoil wrapper and add it to an ecobrick.

Important shipping note

*NB: We can only send these to customers in our ‘Local’ Cape Town areas. Please check if we deliver to you by taking a look at our ‘Local’ Cape Town delivery areas here. We freeze these cheeses straight after receiving them so they come to room temperature only for a short while during transit. These cheeses last long in the fridge – if you can manage not to eat it! It has a shelf life of 4 weeks fresh and 4 months frozen.


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