Dopper Original Sunshine Splash Drinking Bottle 450ml


Dopper envisions a world where environmental awareness thrives, single-use plastic waste diminishes, and everyone, near and far, has access to pure and safe drinking water. Their mission is multi-faceted:

Creating Consciousness

Dopper actively promotes awareness about the impact of single-use plastic waste, fostering a global mindset shift towards sustainable practices.

Sustainable Design

Dopper’s water bottles boast a sustainable design, embodying their commitment to reducing environmental impact while providing a stylish and practical solution for hydration on the go. Pair your bottle with Dopper’s bottle carrier accessory so your bottle will always be there where you need it most: within reach.

Global Water Initiatives

Dopper is dedicated to supporting safe drinking water projects worldwide. With every purchase, 5% of their net sales revenue contributes to the Dopper Foundation’s collaboration with Simavi, ensuring access to clean drinking water in areas that need it most. By choosing Dopper, you’re directly involved in providing safe drinking water to 10,000 Nepalese people.

Impactful Choices, Beautiful Design

When you choose a Dopper bottle, you’re not just opting for a sleek and sexy accessory. Refilling it with tap water helps eliminate the need for approximately 40 plastic bottles a year. The innovative design features a yellow cap that doubles as a water bottle and a white layer that transforms into a portable cup when undone.

Create your own mineral water, whether at home or on the go

Use activated charcoal as a purifier to turn your tap water into a pure, toxin-free, pH-balanced, mineral-rich solution. Explore our KURO-Bō activated charcoal stick here.

Dopper bottle

Key Features

– 100% Sustainable:Crafted with the environment in mind, Dopper’s bottles are a testament to sustainable living.
– BPA Free: Ensuring that your drinking experience is not only eco-friendly but also free from harmful chemicals.
– Dishwasher Safe: Convenience meets sustainability with easy cleaning options.
– Volume 450 ml: Perfect for staying hydrated on the go.
– Easy to Clean: A hassle-free solution for your active lifestyle.
– Suitable for cold, non-corrosive liquids: Versatile enough to accompany you in various settings.


– PP – Polypropylene (Bottle): Sturdy and durable material for the main bottle.
– ABS – Acrylonitil Butadieen Styreen (Cup): The cup provides a stylish and practical solution on the go.
– TPE – Thermoplastic Elastomer (Gasket in Cap & Cup): Ensures a secure and leak-proof seal.

Be sure to also have a look-see at Dopper’s insulated steel bottle available for purchase here and check out the Dopper ‘Pink Paradise’ 450ml bottle here.

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