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Culture Lab Kombucha is a premium slow brewed raw kombucha made with 100% organic ingredients. Cultures of bacteria and yeast are cultivated to brew the refreshing fermented tea known as Kombucha. It is packed with bio active probiotics, nutrients, vitamins and beneficial enzymes and acids. It can be enjoyed as a healthy alternative to soda drinks and alcoholic beverages (or as a mix there in) or purely for the delicious taste and gut healing properties.

Kombucha has been brewed for millennia with it’s exact origin lost in time. Historically known as ‘the tea of immortality’, Kombucha is said to have been used in famous historical armies, discovered to correlate with radiation resistance and utilized as a key secret to national athletic success. 

Choose between Lemongrass, CBD and Buchu Green Rooibos. If you love cultures, be sure to take a look at our Sourdough Starter Culture here.


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Buchu Green Rooibos, CBD, Ginger Wild Dagga, Hibiscus Cinnamon, Lemongrass


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