Cotton Mesh Produce Bag



A reusable produce bag makes shopping for zero waste fresh fruits and veggies easy and hassle-free. These specific ones are very practical for purchasing and weighing fresh loose produce from a supermarket, as the scale operator or cashier can easily see through the mesh fabric. Reusable bags help eliminate the need to use plastic produce bags.  They also provide an opportunity for you to raise awareness when you’re at the store or market. Go ahead and have a conversation with the staff or other customers about why you bring your beautiful produce bag along to the grocery store!

Choose between half cotton mesh fabric at the top and half 100% cotton fabric at the bottom, or half 100% cotton fabric at the top and half cotton mesh fabric at the bottom (pattern 2). Your produce bag can also be used as a storage bag. This product is proudly made locally and supports job creation in South African communities.

Key features

Approximately 24cm x 29cm
Holds up to 2kg
Drawstring closure
Locally made

Care instructions

Hand wash your produce bag in cold water and line dry. Do not iron, bleach or tumble dry. If you haven’t made the switch to our amazing laundry powder or our natural laundry soap bar , do take a look at them.



Additional information


Pattern 1, Pattern 2


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