Copper Spork and Bag



If you don’t know what a spork is, you’ll defs want one after reading this.  A spork is a combination utensil made by combining a fork and the spoon.  But here at Shop Zero we have taken it even one step further, by adding cutting capability (basically a knife) to the side of the fork, so now you can own a 100% copper, beautifully designed spork of your own. This beautiful copper spork is locally made in South Africa.

It can fit in your purse or bag and comes with a shweshwe cotton pouch to keep it clean and scratch-free.  It features a deep bowl shape to make it easy to eat soups or stews and has long practical tines to grab small or big pieces of food such as peas or potatoes easily. Every time you use it instead of takeaway utensils, you will prevent plastic cutlery from ending up in a landfill.

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