Coconut Scrub Pad


10cm x 15cm

The first 100% natural and compostable scrub pad in South Africa.  Sustainably farmed and made from natural coconut fibres bound together with natural rubber, This natural scrub pad can be used to clean multiple surfaces such as counters, pots and pans without scratching them.  It can even be used as an alternative to a loofah for personal grooming.  We consider it an all-purpose scrub pad for general household use.  This ethically made pad contributes to the employment of women supporting the local community and is a renewable resource that will help you achieve your zero waste lifestyle goals.

Made from 100% natural coconut fibre (coir)
Super effective cleaning
Non-toxic, hygienic, odourless and chemical-free
More abrasive than traditional scrub pads
Naturally antibacterial and water-resistant
Environmentally friendly
This multi-purpose scrub pad has a vast array of applications:

In the kitchen, for removing tough dirt and grease from dishes or counters
In the bathroom, for removing dirt on all surfaces
Personal grooming, by providing an exfoliating treatment for your skin
We’d recommend using one scrub pad for each of these uses, but you can always cut the pad in half. When you’re done with it, simply dispose of it in your compost heap.

Depending on usage, the lifetime of the scrub pad will differ.  For heavy use on pots and pans, it will last up to 20 days.  For lighter use as an exfoliator, it will last up to 3 months.


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