Clutch Bag Made of Recycled Bottles



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Inspired by its wooden handle and warm natural tone, this earthy bag is from Ecogemgem’s new Urthee range of beautiful bags made from recycled plastic bottles. The ‘honey’ recycled plastic felt is made from recycled Stoney bottles salvaged straight out of Cape Town and Durban’s landfills. Ecogemgem is one of the first companies in South Africa to utilise and make things out of this brand new recycled plastic fabric colour. This beautiful design is also available in charcoal, made of a mixture of bottles that also don’t belong in landfills.

Ecogemgem is a small, female-owned business encouraging kinder living through reducing the use of plastic bags and any other animal related materials. Owner and creator, Gemma, creates statement items for those who would like to replace their leather handbags or wallets with something as beautiful, but cruelty-free. They have a wide range of handbags made of leather-like material and/or recycled plastic bottles as well as handmade cotton clothing, decor items and a jewelry range. Take a look at Ecogemgem’s jumbo recycled plastic bottle bag here and the cutest bunny backpack made of recycled bottles here.

What to expect

Holding onto this bag’s smooth wooden handle is very comfortable and it’s such a great feeling knowing that you’ve supported a small, South African business. It is also a wonderful product to create conversations and raise awareness of the environmental challenges we face.

The bag has pockets inside for your phone and other important items. It has a 100% unbleached cotton lining with a magnetic closure. The long shoulder strap can be removed. This recycled plastic bottle bag can hold a surprising amount with its square design.

Width – 25cm
Side width – 6cm
Height – 23cm

End of lifespan

This bag can be recycled again.


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Honey, Charcoal


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