Clearspring Organic Single Strength Tamari Sauce



Clearspring is a clear leader in its field. This top quality artisan food product has an excellent aroma and is packed full of flavour. It has a delicious umami taste and will make all your dishes next level! A must have for cooking and perfect to add to meals. This tasty and aromatic single strength Tamari sauce traditionally accompanies sushi, but it is also great on stir fries, salad and veg.

The artisan producer of Clearspring’s single strength Tamari has spent half a century brewing soya sauce at the foot of Mount Ena, in the southernmost part of the Japanese Alps. This Tamari soya sauce is made from organic whole soybeans, requiring twice as many soybeans for each bottle as other soya sauces. The Tamari is 10 parts soya to 12 parts water, fermented using traditional methods and aged for 9 months.


Water, soya beans* (33%), sea salt, shochu* (water, cultured rice*, salt), roasted soya beans* (2.5%). *organically grown

Gluten Free
Sugar Free
Saturated Fat and Fat Free
Dairy free
Egg free
Lactose free

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