Biotree Urn for Humans


Celebrate life

The Biotree Urn was designed to give new meaning to the passing of a loved one. Now you can celebrate their life with a living, growing memorial in the form of a tree. As traditional burials take up vast amounts of space, they are no longer sustainable for the earth. This sustainable urn embraces change. The passing of life can now be the opportunity to create a new one, i.e. a new tree. Biotree has even designed a beautiful green urn for pets, giving you the opportunity to create a loving, living, sustainable memorial for your cherished pet.

Give back in more ways than one

Biotree donates a percentage of each urn sold to causes that plant new trees and they support humanitarian organisations by giving you handmade memorial bracelets. By planting a Biotree Urn, you are actively making a change to the environment by enriching the earth’s tree population.

Key features

Each planted urn will produce around 117 kgs of oxygen and absorb around 21 kgs of carbon dioxide annually.
Create a natural habitat for animal life.
Actively reduce the negative effects of traditional burial.
Your urn purchase helps support local initiatives and NPOs.

Each Biotree Urn contains

Three indigenous tree species for you to choose from.
Dehydrated soil with all the nutrients your tree requires to grow.
A handmade memorial bracelet.
A memorial tag for you to create an online memorial for a loved one.
An ash bag that is compostable and environmentally friendly.

How does it work?

Biotree Urns are made from natural, biodegradable materials that can be planted in the ground. Three seeds are included with your urn: a Coral/ Lucky Bean tree seed, a Wisteria/ Elephant’s wood tree seed and an Umbrella Thorn Acacia seed.

-First decide on a special place where you would like to plant a tree to commemorate your loved one.
-Choose the seed of the tree that you prefer. Water it, and once it sprouts, add the cremated remains to the bottom section of the urn.
-You then plant the whole urn in the ground.

Your seed will grow into a lovely, big tree that produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, neutralizing the impact of making the urn by giving back to the environment.


Biotree Urns | Biotree Urn Step 1

Remove the contents from the base of the urn.


Biotree Urns | Biotree Urn Step 2

Add 800ml of water to the top of the urn. The soil disc will expand to fill the top of the urn with soil.


Biotree Urns | Biotree Urn Step 3

Once the top of the urn is filled with soil, plant your chosen seed species 2-3cm deep.


Biotree Urns | Biotree Urn Step 4

Place the ashes of a loved one in the base of the Biotree Urn and plant the urn to ground level.


Biotree Urns | Biotree Urn Step 5

The urn and ashes are returned to nature as the tree grows, giving back to nature.

Biotree Urns | Biotree Urn Step 6

Celebrate life by writing an online memorial for your loved one and geo-tagging the location of your Biotree Urn.



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