Better Earth Wooden Floor Cleaner in Glass Bottle


We’ll ship to you in a beautiful glass amber bottle or refill your own container in store. This Better Earth Eucalyptus Floor Cleaner is gentle on the environment and your hands. All of Better Earth’s products are as effective as other cleaning products, but provide peace of mind to the eco-conscious user. There is so much to worry about in this world; at least what the chemicals in your household cleaners are doing to the earth is no longer one of them.

• Gently cleans your wooden floors, with a streak free finish leaving floors looking spotless and shiny.
• Use 20-30ml per 5ltr warm water. No need to rinse floor afterwards
• Can use on all wood and laminated floors
• This does not polish floors

Ingredients: Aqua (water), vinegar, essential oils (Eucalyptus globules, Lavendula officinalis, Thymus vulgaris)


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