Bamboo Toothbrush Set of 4



Switching to a bamboo toothbrush is a very easy way to help protect our planet. This pack consists of 4 toothbrushes conveniently numbered so it’s easy to recognise whose is whose. This pack is great to keep in your bathroom cabinet for forgetful overnight visitors or even just to give to any guests as a little welcome gift. Giving eco-friendly gifts to friends and family will help them start living their own greener life. Yay!

Care instructions

These naturally antibacterial bamboo toothbrushes last as long as your typical plastic toothbrush, but since it’s a natural product, we suggest patting your toothbrush dry after each use to absorb extra moisture content due to them not being impenetrable like plastic toothbrushes. We also prefer not using a cup for storing a bamboo toothbrush, but keep them lying on a surface where the water can drain away instead. This way water doesn’t collect at the bottom of the cup and your brush can dry properly.

End of lifespan

The bamboo handle is 100% natural and can safely be returned to the soil from where it originally came from. At the end of your toothbrush’s lifespan, remove the nylon bristles and add them to an eco-brick. It only takes 10 minutes and these tips are really useful. Compost the bamboo handle or get creative and reuse your bamboo toothbrush as a seedling marker, for your own art work or kids’ art projects. The planet thanks you!

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