Back 2 Nature Activated Charcoal Toothpaste 100ml



“Ordinary” toothpastes come in tubes that are not recyclable. They also contain harsh, toxic and hazardous ingredients. This natural toothpaste comes in a reusable glass jar with aluminium lid. It is handmade in Cape Town and contains no palm oil, parabens or fluoride. It is cruelty-free and vegan. This toothpaste whitens teeth, removes unwanted bacteria and toxins.  With clove being one of its ingredients, it is even suitable to sooth tooth ache.

Bentonite clay and activated charcoal both act as natural super power magnets to any toxins hiding in the mouth.  Activated charcoal is a natural teeth whitener, remineralizes, cleans and whitens your teeth, also balancing the pH of your mouth.  Baking soda is also filled with minerals that are required to keep your teeth healthy and is great for removing stains from teeth.  Coconut oil is a hero all round, and is great for oral use to remove bacteria in combination with the essential oils that also act as anti-bacterials. It also gives this earthy toothpaste a great taste.

All Back 2 Nature products have been created to inspire conscious consumerism. Customer love their Surf Zinc too. Want to create a plastic-free bathroom? Get yourself one of our bamboo toothbrushes here or here and some plastic-free mouthwash here. We also have plastic-free vegan dental floss available here and a lovely hemp wash cloth available for purchase here.


You could use either a small wooden spatula or a teaspoon to scoop the toothpaste onto your toothbrush. Many prefer dipping their toothbrush directly into the jar. If this is your preferred choice, please ensure to dip only a dry toothbrush into the jar. Use the same amount, as you would with any other toothpaste.


*Coconut oil, baking soda, *bentonite clay, *xylitol, *vegetable glycerine, *activated charcoal (from macadamia nut shells), Newlands spring water, *peppermint, *clove & *grapefruit … with a dash of love & gratitude towards nature. *Organic





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