Almond Creamery 250ml Flavoured Nut Milks (only available in store)

R32/ 250ml

Available in Chai Spice, Chocolate or Coffee flavour

Blended with a homemade mix of five spices for a rich aroma that transports you to another world, this creamy chai spice blend is pure heaven! Available in a 250ml glass bottle.

It’s not just what’s in the bottle that matters, but how it gets into the bottle! Almond Creamery believes in quality – for you, and the environment too. Every step of the process happens in Cape Town where their nut milk is made fresh every day.

They start by soaking our precious nuts overnight in filtered water to activate them. This activation process brings the raw nuts to life (if you were to put these in the ground they would start to sprout), plus much of the tannin is removed, improving absorption of nutrients when you’re drinking it!

Next, they pop their soaked nuts into a high-powered blender, together with some filtered water, and a little Himalayan salt for extra micronutrients and blended to ensure as much of the nutrition from the nuts has been extracted.

Finally, to make sure you get the creamiest consistency they strain this mixture through a fine nut milk bag.

And there you have it, delicious & nutritious dairy-free milk 🙂

And you’ll really taste the difference. Almond Creamery uses five times more nuts than their leading competitors, and because they use naturally creamy nuts like macadamia and coconuts you’re getting a tasty, creamy and smooth dairy free milk!



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