Our Story

Shop Zero was founded by Janneke in August 2017 when she took the leap to reach her dream. Quickly thereafter she launched a crowdfunding campaign to open a zero waste, plastic-free lifestyle store.  Towards the end of the campaign, during their kids’ playdate at the Two Oceans Aquarium, friends Elza and Janneke decided to forge a partnership and bring Shop Zero to life.  Soon after Janneke’s friend from her postnatal yoga group, Abigail, joined Shop Zero as a third partner. The three mommas felt that together they could create a productive space to help the community understand the needs of our environment and care for it accordingly – ensuring a long and beautiful existence for future generations.

Shop Zero started off small at a market in November 2017 and after a few more markets, it finally opened as a pop-up shop in the Woodstock Co-op, in February 2018.  Once Elza and Janneke’s toddlers were settled in school, they were able to focus properly on their new ‘baby’ and also launch Shop Zero’s online store, which went public in May 2018. The demand proved high, so Shop Zero is here to stay.

Together they love to inspire people and encourage them to learn more. Shop Zero aims to educate the community about the zero waste movement and offer healthy alternatives to wasteful lifestyle choices.  The ladies love chatting to their customers about meal ideas and offer any other advice they may need – whether it’s a chat about reusable menstrual cups or how to use a bokashi bin to compost kitchen scraps.

If you’re looking to live a zero-waste lifestyle, they can help you on your journey. They invite you to engage with them and discover more about becoming a more sustainable individual.  Janneke explains: “We are also still figuring out what it means to be ‘zero waste’ in our own homes and we’re continually working to adopt a zero waste lifestyle.  This is a daily lifestyle choice, a way of finding no-waste solutions with small decisions and practical steps.

It’s okay for people to feel overwhelmed, but it’s also very easy to start with one small change, like taking your own reusable shopping bags with to the supermarket.  With each visit to Shop Zero you can discover new solutions and think: oh wow, I didn’t realise I could make this small change or that small change! We are happy to introduce the community to all the resources they need to succeed in their shift to a greener life.”